Interactive Whiteboard-Engage, Collaborate, and Learn: Best for Schools and Classrooms.

Interactive Whiteboard-Engage, Collaborate, and Learn: Best for Schools and Classrooms.


  • Screen Size: 105 inches
  • Touch Technology: Interactive touch with multi-touch capabilities
  • Connectivity: Wireless, HDMI, USB ports
  • Software: User-friendly educational software with interactive lessons and applications
  • Construction: Durable surface resistant to scratches, stains, and glare
  • Installation: Easy and secure mounting process
  • You can download the DataSheet.

Transform your classroom today with the Interactive Whiteboard, and ignite a passion for learning that will last a lifetime


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Enhance classroom engagement and take interactive learning to new heights with our state-of-the-art 105-inch Interactive Whiteboard. Specifically designed to meet the needs of modern educational institutions in Kenya, this cutting-edge whiteboard combines advanced technology with a user-friendly interface, making it the ultimate tool for immersive and collaborative learning experiences.

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Key Features:

  1. Large 102-Inch Display: With a generous 105-inch display, this Interactive Whiteboard creates a visually stunning canvas for educators to deliver engaging lessons. The expansive screen size ensures that every student has a clear view, promoting inclusivity and maximizing participation.
  2. Interactive Touch Technology: Empower students to actively participate and interact with the lesson content using the Interactive Whiteboard’s intuitive touch technology. With precise touch sensitivity and multi-touch capabilities, students can collaborate, annotate, and manipulate digital content with ease, fostering a dynamic and immersive learning environment.
  3. Versatile Connectivity Options: Our Interactive Whiteboard offers a range of connectivity options to seamlessly integrate with various devices, ensuring compatibility with existing classroom technology. Connect laptops, tablets, or smartphones wirelessly or via HDMI and USB ports, enabling teachers to effortlessly share content and engage students with a wide range of multimedia resources.
  4. User-Friendly Software: The Interactive Whiteboard is accompanied by user-friendly software that provides a wealth of educational tools and resources. Teachers can access an extensive library of interactive lessons, templates, and educational applications, making lesson planning and content creation a breeze. This software encourages creativity, facilitates effective teaching strategies, and enhances student learning outcomes.
  5. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of a busy classroom environment, our Interactive Whiteboard features a sturdy construction that ensures long-lasting performance. The durable surface is resistant to scratches, stains, and glare, guaranteeing a clear and vibrant display throughout its lifespan.
  6. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Setting up the Interactive Whiteboard is hassle-free, thanks to its straightforward installation process. Once mounted securely, the whiteboard is ready for immediate use. Additionally, the low-maintenance design reduces downtime, allowing teachers to focus on teaching rather than troubleshooting technical issues.
  7. You can download the DataSheet.

Unlock the full potential of your classroom with our 105-inch Interactive Whiteboard. Its expansive display, interactive touch technology, versatile connectivity options, user-friendly software, durable construction, and easy installation make it the ideal choice for schools committed to delivering innovative and impactful learning experiences.

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Empower your students, facilitate collaboration, and foster a love for learning with our Interactive Whiteboard – the gateway to limitless educational possibilities.




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