Epson CO-W01 Portable Projector - Best Projector for Classroom Teaching

Epson CO-W01 Portable Projector - Best Projector for Classroom Teaching

Key Features
  • Resolution: WXGA
  • Connectivity: HDMI 1.4, USB 2.0-A, USB 2.0 Type B (Service Only)
  • Screen Size: 25 inches – 378 inches
  • Operating Temperature: 5- 40 degrees
  • Power: 270-Watt, 214 Watt (economy), 0,5 Watt (standby)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Color Light Output 3,000 Lumen- 2,000 Lumen (economy)
  • Projection System: 3LCD Technology, RGB liquid crystal shutter

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This projector can achieve an impressive 378-inch display. It’s great quality too, with 3LCD technology that makes the display up to three times brighter than competitor products, thanks to its bright and vivid colors. From family and friends to business colleagues and clients, it’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

Even in bright rooms, this powerful yet affordable WXGA projector delivers exceptionally bright yet colorful images with clear details. It’s all thanks to 3LCD technology, which produces an equally high White and Color Light Output of 3,000 lumens.

This model’s long-lasting lamp light source provides you with 18 years’ worth of entertainment.

Its compact design makes it easy to move from room to room, and you can quickly position the image with keystone correction and access content simply with the HDMI input.

Specs, Key Features and Price for Epson CO-W01 Projector in Nairobi Kenya

You can Download  the Datasheet


The Best Projector for Classroom Teaching

Unlock the power of immersive learning with the Epson CO-W01 Projector, designed to revolutionize classroom teaching and enhance educational experiences. Engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern schools, this cutting-edge projector delivers unrivaled performance, versatility, and reliability.

Built with advanced technology and a keen focus on meeting the specific needs of educators, the Epson CO-W01 Projector boasts a host of features that make it the best choice for classrooms and schools worldwide. Let’s delve into what sets this projector apart and why it’s a game-changer for education:

Superior Image Quality: Experience vivid, crisp, and vibrant visuals with the Epson CO-W01 Projector. With its high-resolution display and superior color accuracy, it brings content to life, ensuring every detail is beautifully rendered. The enhanced brightness and contrast ratios ensure optimal visibility in any lighting condition, guaranteeing an immersive visual experience.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity: Say goodbye to cable clutter and embrace wireless freedom with the Epson CO-W01 Projector. Its seamless wireless connectivity allows teachers to effortlessly stream content from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, fostering interactive learning and enabling dynamic collaboration. This feature promotes flexibility and enables educators to share content instantly, keeping students engaged and participative.

Interactive Teaching Tools: Elevate your teaching style with the Epson CO-W01 Projector’s interactive features. Utilize the interactive pen or touch-enabled functionality to annotate, highlight, and interact with content in real-time, fostering an engaging learning environment. The projector’s innovative interactive tools encourage student participation, making lessons more dynamic and impactful.

Flexible Installation Options: The Epson CO-W01 Projector offers unparalleled versatility in installation. With its compact and lightweight design, it can be easily mounted on a ceiling or wall, optimizing space utilization. The 360-degree projection capability ensures that every student gets an optimal viewing experience, regardless of their seating arrangement.

Long-lasting Reliability: Engineered for endurance, the Epson CO-W01 Projector is built to withstand the demands of daily classroom use. With its durable construction and reliable performance, it ensures uninterrupted teaching sessions, minimizing downtime. This projector is a reliable workhorse, designed to serve educators and students for years to come.

Invest in the Epson CO-W01 Projector, and unlock a world of educational possibilities. With its exceptional image quality, wireless connectivity, interactive features, versatile installation options, and unwavering reliability, it’s the ultimate tool for transforming classrooms into vibrant hubs of learning. Empower your teaching, captivate your students, and embrace the future of education with the Epson CO-W01 Projector.


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