Interactive WhiteBoards Manual Boards
Provides interactive and engaging learning experience. Limited interactivity with the board
Enables multimedia presentations with various audio and visual aids. Only allows for written presentations using markers or chalks
Supports online teaching and learning Not conducive for online teaching and learning
Offers real-time access to online resources such as educational videos, online textbooks, and simulations Online resources cannot be accessed directly on the board
Supports collaborative learning among students through group activities and presentations Limited opportunities for collaborative learning
Allows for easy saving and sharing of notes and presentations Notes and presentations cannot be saved and shared as easily
Enhances accessibility for differently-abled students with visual and hearing impairments No special accessibility features available
Reduces chalk dust and marker odor Produces chalk dust and marker odor

Overall, interactive whiteboards provide more interactive and engaging learning experiences compared to normal manual boards. They also offer a wider range of teaching and learning opportunities, making them more conducive to modern classroom settings.

manual boards

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interactive whiteboard for classroom

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