We are currently in times where safety is undeniably a fundamental and crucial component of responsible parenting, especially with how bad the situation has been in Kenya with the numerous femicide cases. Every time our kids go out to play, we tend to ask ourselves various questions; Who will they will be playing with? What games they will be playing? Are the games they’ll be playing safe? Will the games foster development in them?

All these questions are normal for a parent and it’s high time we came up with solutions to protect our children at home, school and even on the internet. Today, we explore why Elimutab isn’t just a supplement but the smart and safest choice for the next generation.

Reasons why Elimutab is your safest go-to option as a Kenyan parent/guardian:

The advantage of using Elimutab for both parents and kids lies in its unique combination of  safety features, and customisable options. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Robust Parental Controls: Elimutab provides parents with robust controls, allowing them to create user accounts for children, restrict access to certain applications, set screen time limits and check statistics of what apps they have been engaging with and for how long, for up to 3 months. This way the child is safe all through.
  2. Cognitive Enhancement of kids for Academic Brilliance: Elimutab is designed to support cognitive functions such as focus, memory, and mental clarity, potentially aiding in academic performance and learning.
  3. Customizable Learning Experience: Parents can customise the educational experience by selecting apps tailored to their child’s age, learning style, and educational goals, ensuring a personalised and effective learning journey.
  4. Quality Educational Content: The tablet provides access to quality educational apps that align with curriculum standards, fostering a meaningful and enriching learning experience for children.
  5. User-Friendly and Safe Design: Elimutab is designed to be user-friendly for kids, with age-appropriate interfaces, intuitive controls, and engaging visuals that make the learning process enjoyable and accessible. Moreover, it has protective features like its IPS Screen and anti-break case ensuring that the tablet does not break incase it is dropped.

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