ElimuTab is an excellent educational tool designed to make learning engaging and fun for children. Among its many apps, a few stand out for their ability to combine education with entertainment. In this blog, we’ll explore five outstanding apps available on ElimuTab that help children learn the ABCs, enhance cognitive skills, draw creatively, get excited about science, and learn different subjects.


  1. ABC Kids


ABC Kids is a fantastic app specifically designed to help young children learn their ABCs. This app is perfect for those who are being introduced to the English language. 


Educational Value: The app uses interactive activities to teach letter recognition, phonetics, and basic word formation. It helps children understand the sounds each letter makes and how they come together to form words.


Fun Factor: Engaging animations and fun sounds capture children’s attention, making the learning process enjoyable. The app includes tracing games, letter matching, and phonics-based puzzles that keep kids entertained while they learn.


  1. Brain Training


Brain Training is an app focused on enhancing a child’s cognitive skills through various games and activities. 


Educational Value: The games are designed to improve memory, attention, logic, and problem-solving skills. They challenge children to think critically and develop their mental agility.


Fun Factor: With a variety of puzzles and brainteasers, the app ensures that learning is never boring. Kids can play matching games, pattern recognition exercises, and other cognitive challenges that are both fun and mentally stimulating.


  1. Draw


Draw is a creative app that allows children to explore their artistic side. It’s particularly suited for young children who are fascinated by colors and shapes.


Educational Value: The app helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children use their fingers or a stylus to draw. It also fosters creativity and imagination.


Fun Factor: With a wide range of colors, brushes, and drawing tools, children can create vibrant pictures that captivate their attention. The app offers a canvas for free drawing, as well as coloring pages and guided drawing exercises.


  1. Stem


Stem is an app dedicated to making science fun and accessible for children. It introduces various scientific concepts through interactive games and activities.


Educational Value: The app covers topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences, presenting them in a way that is easy to understand and engaging for young minds. It helps cultivate a love for science from an early age.


Fun Factor: Through experiments, quizzes, and interactive lessons, Stem makes learning science exciting. Kids can simulate experiments, explore virtual labs, and engage with animated scientific phenomena that spark curiosity and interest.


  1. First Learning


First Learning is a comprehensive educational app that helps children learn different subjects such as Math and English. It is designed to provide a well-rounded foundation for early learners.


Educational Value: The app includes a variety of lessons and exercises that cover basic math skills like counting, addition, and subtraction, as well as English language skills such as reading, writing, and vocabulary.


Fun Factor: Interactive games and activities keep children engaged while they learn. The app features colorful graphics, fun characters, and rewards that motivate kids to complete lessons and practice their skills.



ElimuTab offers a rich selection of apps that make learning fun and effective for children. ABC Kids, Brain Training, Draw, Stem, and First Learning are standout examples of how educational technology can combine play with learning. By integrating these apps into your child’s routine, you can help them develop essential skills while keeping them entertained. Whether it’s mastering the alphabet, enhancing cognitive abilities, exploring artistic creativity, diving into the wonders of science, or building foundational knowledge in math and English, ElimuTab has the perfect app to support your child’s educational journey.

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