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Choosing the right tablet for your child can be a daunting task with so many options available. ElimuTab offers a variety of features tailored to different age groups and needs. This guide will help you navigate through the choices to find the perfect fit for your child.

Understanding the Options

ElimuTab offers five distinct tablets: ET01, ET02, ET03, ET04, and ET05. Each tablet is designed with specific features to cater to various age groups and use cases.

ET01: The Versatile Companion

Size: 8″

Casing: Protective puffed casing


Memory: 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM

Recommended for Pre-schoolers to Grade 5


Best for Younger children who need a durable tablet that can withstand drops and rough handling. The dual SIM capability is a bonus for those who need connectivity on the go.

Educational Tablets

ET02: The Executive Choice

Size: 10.1″

Casing: Executive casing

SIM: Single SIM card slot

Memory: 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM

Recommended for Ages 0 to 17 years


Best for Older children and teenagers who may use the tablet for more advanced educational purposes. The larger screen and sophisticated casing make it ideal for both learning and leisure activities.

ET03: The Artistic Explorer

Size: 10.1″

Casing: Protective puffed casing

SIM: Single SIM card slot

Memory: 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM

Additional Features: Includes a pen and straps

Recommended for Ages 0 to 17 years


Best for Creative kids who love drawing and taking notes. The included pen and straps provide added functionality, making it perfect for artistic exploration and easy portability.


ET04: The Portable Protector

Size: 7″

Casing: Removable protective puffed casing

Recommended for Preschoolers

Best for Very young children who need a compact and easy-to-handle device. The removable casing adds a layer of protection and can be replaced if worn out.

ET05: The Compact Companion

Size: 7″

Casing: In-built casing

Recommended for Preschoolers

Best for Toddlers and preschoolers who require a sturdy and simple tablet. The in-built casing ensures durability and ease of use without the need for additional accessories.


Making the Right Choice

When choosing the right ElimuTab tablet for your child, consider the following factors:

Age and Usage

Preschoolers: ET01, ET04, and ET05 are ideal due to their durable casings and age-appropriate features.

Lower Primary School (Grade 1-5): ET01 is a good fit, providing a balance of durability and functionality.

Older Children and Teens: ET02 and ET03 offer advanced features suitable for more complex tasks, such as homework, projects, and creative activities.



High Durability Needed: ET01, ET03, ET04, and ET05, all feature protective puffed casings suitable for younger children who may be rougher on their devices.

Executive and Stylish: ET02 with its executive casing is better suited for older kids who handle their devices more carefully.

Additional Features

Connectivity: If dual SIM functionality is important, the ET01 is the best choice.

Creative Tools: For kids who enjoy drawing or need to take notes, the ET03 with its pen and straps is ideal.

Portability: Smaller tablets like the ET04 and ET05 are easier for younger children to carry and handle.



Choosing the right ElimuTab tablet depends on your child’s age, usage needs, and the level of durability required. Each model offers unique features that cater to different stages of development and use cases. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your child has the best possible device to support their learning and growth. Happy tablet shopping!


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